Request For Proposal

Project RFP Page

PF Bid is simple and effective. Place project plans, spec's, and any project videos or photos into a Project Bid page. The project will then list on your Projectfootage Profile Page under your "Your Company Name RFP" tab. We've already branded it for you.

Project Search

Potential bidders can search for your projects on the PF homepage, your PF Profile page, or the internet. Interested bidders will visit your Project Bid page and find the published Project Bid information along with a Bid Closing Date.

RFP Tools

PF's built-in Video technology gives you the opportunity to give bidders a glimpse of the project AND starts the project documentation process. The PF RFI manager helps you communicate and field Bidder questions and clarifications.

Project Conversion

Upon Project Bid Closing, the project automatically converts Into an "Active Project" and can be found under your Active Projects Tab on your profile page. Here, you can continue to manage the project throughout the duration of construction. This is where you now take advantage of the entire Construction Cloud Platform as described on the homepage.

Project 360°

At the conclusion of your project, you can download all the project docs, videos, and photos onto thumb drives for easy archiving of ALL the project data. PF is now a 360° degree solution for your projects. . ..Bid, Management, Documentation, Close, and Archive.

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