Privacy Policy

The Project Footage LLC website and multimedia content therein at (the "Site") are available to the general public for viewing without requirement of user registration or establishment of a user account. However, users must register with ProjectFootage® and establish a user account in order to (1) participate in a project; (2) upload videos, text, pictures, documents, spread sheets and/or other media; or (3) view an existing private password protected project.

I. Account

  1. To establish a Project Footage account, you will need to provide a valid e-mail address, a user name, and a personally chosen password. This will protect your account from unauthorized access by a third party.
  2. Once logged in you may change or update your account information, including your password, at any time by clicking on "My Account".
  3. You may establish and Brand aProject Footage profile page ("Profile Page") without a fee once your registration is complete. You may post content on your Profile Project Page, including your business and/or personal information, pictures, text, documents or other media. Users are responsible for the content they post on their respective Profile Pages. By default, any information or content you voluntarily disclose on your Profile Project Page may be collected by others if granted access. You can limit access to information on your Profile Project Page by customizing your adjustable privacy and permissions settings.
  4. Project Footage will not share, sell, trade, or forward your personal or business information, e-mail address and/or contact information, or site-use details to third parties without your express consent. Project Footage may contact you any time via e-mail without your consent to notify you of changes to the Site, policy matters related to Site use, or for other administrative purposes.

II. Publicly Available Information

  1. Upon establishing aProject Footage account, some account information, such as your registered location, date joined, frequency of logging in, and content you uploaded, may be tracked by other Project Footage users.
  2. Any content you submit to Project Footage (e.g., videos, text, pictures, documents and/or other media) may be distributed throughout the Internet as well as other video channels and may be viewed by Project Footage users as well as the general public. Your content may also be forwarded or subscribed to by other Project Footage users as well as other Web sites. Your user name will be displayed in conjunction with any content you submitted to Project Footage on your Profile Page. Your content access and submission of content on your project pages is controlled by you and the settings you implement.
  3. If you choose to add personal information (e.g., e-mail, name, Web address, gender, age) to your videos, text, pictures, and/or other media, or Profile Page, this information will be available to other Project Footage users. Information seen by others may also include media you have listed on your project pages. If you have chosen to display a linked banner on your Profile Page, Project Footage will have no control over the traffic leaving the Site to visit your Web address.

III. Advertisement

  1. Third-party advertisers or ad serving companies may not provide or display ads on the Site. Project Footage does not provide personal information to third-party ad servers or ad networks without prior consent.
  2. Advertisements may not be provided at this time but the Site reserves the right for future development.

IV. Policy Updates and Notice

  1. Project Footage can modify this Privacy Policy at any time and will, from time to time, update and make changes to this Privacy Policy as it sees fit in order to comply with high standards of privacy protection, for improvement of the user experience, and protection of other miscellaneous information received by Project Footage through the Site.
  2. Project Footage will provide notice on the Site and via e-mail that the Privacy Policy has been modified and/or updated.