About Us

Project Footage:

PF uses cloud technology to store your project videos, photos, audio files, documents and notes for the duration of the project. Project Footage is the state of the art knowledge repository for your projects; large or small. This is Elegant and Functional Project Management in real time.

What is The Cloud:

The Cloud provides online storage of your information. This storage allows 24/7 remote access to information through any internet connection on many devices; smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Why It Works:

Project Footage was first introduced in the construction industry to help job contractors share job progress with their clients in different locations. Owners, Project Managers, and Lenders are able to view the up to date progress without the necessity of emailing and downloading large files. Furthermore with the ability to post documented comments, project collaboration is easy. The overall result..... TimeSavings...... Data is not transferred to several people over and over again with each modification. It is loaded in one location for viewing and editing.

Seamlessly Integrate PF:

PF can be used as an independent microsite or an add-on to your current website. Your profile page and project pages can be customized so they seamlessly fit into the landscape of your current website. By retaining your individual and unique brand your current website is now exponentially enhanced. The value to your clients is markedly increased. The efficiency of your business is improved and more profitable when all the information can be instantaneously shared.