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Your profile and project pages act as an independent branded website.

All in One Website

In the construction industry it seems few invest in building an intuitive website and even those who do are left without admin control of the content. This means paying a web developer $50-$250 to update things such as pictures; not to mention the hassle. Furthermore, very few are aware that in order to receive good search engine results you must spend bigger dollars on SE0 and SEM work. As far as social networking goes, let's face it, you don't want to hear about your friend's Real Estate listing on Facebook and they don't want to see your jobsites or hear how great of a construction professional you are. This is why it makes good sense to build your construction network on PF.

How the PF Profile Page Works

Your PF profile page basically includes most of the website features that you probably already pay S25 per month for. However, we have provided you with cloud project pages in addition and given you FULL admin control of everything; including the ability to custom brand ALL your pages. This means no more web developer fees. Furthermore, we have added the ability for YOU to Search Engine Optimize your PF site with the metadata you select. Your profile page allows the public to find your company online much easier. If you choose to use PF as your sole website, you can redirect your web domain right to your PF profile. Please see our pricing page for additional profile page features.

How the Project Pages Work

Your PF project pages allow you to manage multiple projects. Each project you start will have its own project page. PF project pages contain a cloud filing system for all project documents, a built-in HD video and photo player, audio player, a live RFI manager, daily notes manager, and mobile project notifications for project participants. You can choose to run your projects public or private. Public allows anyone to view the project. This allows you to use certain projects as a portfolio for your potential clients. Private projects are password protected and therefore closed caption. For a breakdown of the security settings and features of the cloud file system, please visit the Cloud File System link on the PF homepage.

This platform is available to you now. Get started today and make life easier.



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