Time Manager

Time-stamp and track all your project RFI's and Daily Notes.

The Problem

If you have worked in the construction industry any amount of time, you are familiar with the importance of RFI's (Requests for Information). For the most part, the industry is still processing RFI's via email. The process to both obtain and manage the numerous RFI's is extremely time consuming. Add the task of writing and organizing daily job reports and one could become consumed by the process. The good news is, PF has engineered a way for project managers to quickly obtain info and organize it.

Live Chat RFI's

RFI's are used to clarify and document information pertinent to build a subject project. Because the information can overlap between different types of designers and tradesman, the Request for Information often time involves numerous design & building professionals. So it only makes good sense to utilize a system that can provide the info in REAL time amongst multiple group members. The PF RFI module works similar to a live chat room while documenting the title, time, and member responses. RFI's are then listed on the main project page where project participants can see or search for particular areas of interest.

Daily Notes

Daily project notes can be extremely handy for documenting key points or milestones. How often have you written something down, such as the date a tile contractor started, and then could not find that note? PF has made this easy for you. Just simply login to your project page, create a note title, and write what is on your mind. All notes are time-stamped and reference the author. This feature can be used for basic notes or a complete daily progress report.

Features & Benefits

  • RFI's can be found in one place and accessed by ALL
  • RFI's can be answered quicker with text conferencing
  • Notes help document project status which keeps everyone honest
  • Protects against subcontractor disputes
  • Protects ALL against liability since everything can be easily documented
  • All Notes and RFI's can be downloaded as an entire file

The many PF solutions are all available to you now in one simple solution. Our user interface is clean and extremely easy to use, no tech background necessary.

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